Effective, convenient & eco-friendly


Keep your hands clean from germs anywhere and anytime, without irritating your skin while providing a longer protection than alcohol based sanitizers

Authorized by Health Canada

Our anti-microbe product complies with hand-sanitizer regulations under DIN # 02248351 and is authorized to use against COVID-19

Sustainable Packaging

Packed in recyclable bags, Paoch was designed with the environment in mind and promotes refilling and reuse of already available spray and pump dispenser bottles.

Watch Why you need to use Paoch!

Good hygiene is as easy as


Order Paoch online

Choose your convenient Paoch format, place your order, stay at home and keep safe - your Paoch  will be delivered right to your front door.


Spray Poach on your personal belongings

Empty your PAOCH in any mist spraying bottle and spray all your purchased items and reusable bags.  Keep a mist spray bottle In your car or at home and office use it on your door handles or any surface you touch often.


Disinfect your hands

It may be more difficult to wash your hands often out of the house. Simply empty your purchased PAOCH in any bottle with a foaming pump such as an old sanitizer or foam soap bottle.

Stop the spread of germs and diseases such as Covid-19

Use Paoch to disinfect not only your hands, but also:


Food packaging

Reusable bags

Your car’s interior

Commonly used surfaces


Place a spray bottle in your entrance hall, throw one in your bag, and put one in your car to ensure appropriate hygiene at all times.


Stay Safe with Paoch